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Ruby: the format was incorrect. Can you help me?

Hello, I don't understand what's happening thought I tried to respect the syntax in the to_s method. Can you help me?

class PhoneNumber
  attr_reader :kind, :number

  def initialize(kind, number)
    @kind = kind
    @number = number

 def to_s 
   puts "#{kind}: #{number}"


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Claire Beauvais Lightner
Claire Beauvais Lightner
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Hello Mouhamadou,

First of all great job on your method and learning!

Regarding your question, The problem is coming from "puts" since puts (short for put strings) adds a newline after executing. Removing "puts" will solve the format problem.

No need to add "return <code>" as well since any statement in Ruby returns the value of the last evaluated expression. (implicit return).


Thanks a lot!