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Run is greyed out?

I am following along in the class (Build a simple Android app...) but I cannot 'Run' the prewritten (default) code at all.

The 'Run' button is all greyed out, although I have followed the instructions very carefully.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

I can say that I got it to 'Run' after a lot of additional downloads, but almost nothing that I have in my Android Studio version looks or works the same way that it does in the tutorial class videos.

Have I made a major mistake from the start? Should I have downloaded another version of the Android Studio?

(I'm currently running Android Studio 3.0.1 and I'm loosing interest in this because of all these additional updates, that for some reason Ben Deitch doesn't have to do.)

Either this class (Build a simple Android app...) is poorly done or I'm having major issues with my Android Studio.

Can someone please, please help me getting to a point where I don't have to find workarounds or additional information for the simple stuff that Ben is doing with ease?

For example I would now like to move a TextView-box around in the Design pane but I can't, even though I have made sure to do exactly as Ben is instructing me. This breaks what little flow I have when coding completely.

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It was greyed out for me to, but it showed as in the video after I downloaded some suggested updates to Android Studio.