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Saving user inputs and changes during JavaScript session?

After learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, what is the next best step for learning how to save inputs and changes from the user during a session (so that it will still be available when the script runs again)? Would this be using a database or storage in the browser? I'm trying to figure out which Treehouse tracks I should learn next.

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Peter Vann
Peter Vann
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These might help:



This is a website I am working on that uses localStorage:


The site has a band setlist. The user can make an Event List and the data persists in localStorage.

From what I have tested, the Event List will persist until the user deletes it or the browser's cookies/cache is cleared, even if you close the browser and/or reboot the computer.

BTW, If you haven't done them yet, I recommend these Treehouse Tracks:

Front End Web Development

Full Stack Javascript

Learn React

I hope that helps.

Stay safe and happy coding!

Thanks, Peter. I will take a look into those tracks (with your website as an example).