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Says this is wrong, not sure where I went wrong here

const addy = {
  animal: 'dog', 
  age: 3,
  breed: 'pug'

addy.age = ${'addy.age + 1'};

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Cameron Childres
Cameron Childres
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Hi Kamran,

The ${} syntax is used inside template literals (strings enclosed in backticks `` instead of quotes '') to interpret code. The addy.age property holds a simple numerical value so we can work with it directly. Discard ${} as well as the quotes and the value will be accessed then the arithmetic will be carried out:

addy.age = addy.age + 1;

You can also rewrite this a number of ways without repeating addy.age:

// set property's value directly to 4
addy.age = 4; 

// add 1 to current value of property
addy.age += 1; 

// shorthand for increment by 1

Thank you so much !!!