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Didier Borel
Didier Borel
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select a random iterable

I don't see what this doesn't work
# random_item("Treehouse")
# The randomly selected number is 4.
# The return value would be "h"
import random
define random_item ("iterable"):
    random_number=random.randint (len("iterable")-1)
    return random_item(random_number)

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Here's a few hints:

  • parameter names should not be enclosed in quotes
  • the "randint" method takes two arguments (perhaps you were thinking of "randrange"?)
  • the reference to "random_item" is not defined
  • the return value should be the iterable item at the random index
Didier Borel
Didier Borel
2,837 Points

this Steven, I already got an answer to my questions. but this for your time