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Select all columns with missing data? Help

For the SQL Playground Stage 3: Practice, you are instructed to "-- Find all movies with any missing data" How would you select all columns where data in null? From what I know, you have to specifically select one column after the where clause, so you could do 2 separate queries like

select * from movies where genre is null; and select * from movies where year_released is null;

Both of these columns have missing data. But is there a way to combine these two? Instead of manually looking at the data and then going back and writing which column you see missing data in - instead just explicitly stating to show all columns where data is missing (null)?

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You can have both conditions in your WHERE clause separated by OR. Basic syntax:

SELECT column1, column2, columnN 
FROM table_name
WHERE [condition1] OR [condition2]...OR [conditionN]