HTML HTML Basics Structuring Your Content Semantic HTML: <header>, <footer> and <section>

Semantic HTML grouping?

The video said that using somthing like <header></header> , <footer></footer> to group the web page content. I was trying on workspace, but looks like nothing changed.

So this function are only for grouping like we add command on the script file for remember?

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Those tags themselves don't do anything, it's just a way of dividing your HTML content up and making it more readable :). To see any changes you'll have to add some custom CSS to both the footer and header.

Daniel Valles
Daniel Valles
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You don't see anything in the footer because you haven't placed anything their yet. Type something in between your footer tags and it will appear. Don't forget to save it.

Thank You both James Arroyo and Daniel Valles. :)