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Raven Melin
Raven Melin
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SEO. How does language translation effect key words?

I'm wondering what effect Language Translation has on SEO? Does it increase the key word density if the same word or meaning is in several languages or are they considered separate key words?

Ex. If the keyword is 'cherry pie' is that the same as 'tarte aux cerises' to a search engine

I have a website where it can be changed to 3 other languages, but since it's a small website I simply added new pages for each language, same content but translated.

In this scenario will the key word density be tripled since there are 3 languages or do they make their own key words for SEO?

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David Moorhead
David Moorhead
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Hello, Raven,

Good ideas and questions!

I'd suggest the Chrome Lighthouse Audit of your website. I've used the Audit from time to time when studying others' codes. The Audit includes five categories: SEO, Accessibility, Best Practices, Progressive Web App, and Performance. Each audited category result might show as many as 100 out of 100 points.

This page best explains the Lighthouse Audit; other writers' pages were too long.

Here are directions to get you to the Audit.

  1. Open Chrome, and input or paste the Home URL of your website into the address bar.
  2. In the top right corner of the browser, click to show the drop down menu. Then select More Tools > Developer Tools.
  3. On the next preliminary page, you'll see a blue "Run Audits" button.
  4. Once that button is clicked, the results of the five audits will complete within approximately 60 seconds.

I hope the Audit will be advantageous.