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sepating a single string

please help how do I separate a single string inorder to be able to answer the question
    a = silly[: int(len(silly)//2)]
    b= silly[int(len(silly)//2) : ]
    return a.lower() + b.upper()

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With integer division also using int() is redundant. Other than that you are close:

def sillycase(silly):
    a = silly[:len(silly)//2]
    b = silly[len(silly)//2: ]
    return a.lower() + b.upper()  

Thanks a lot to Kris and Steven

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Kris is right that the "int" is not needed, but it also doesn't cause any trouble. The only issue was forgetting to put "def" at the begnning of the function definition..

Other that that, it passes the challenge as-is! :+1: