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Shebang doesn't work on Windows 10, pls help!

I can't do this part of the tutorial as a Windows developer, because it just takes no affect. I do shebang, I don't change x, because I already have execute permission; since this is a chmod (Linux) command.

Then I feel like my best Kenneth Love and type; Guess what happens? Windows f-king opens it with default thing that opens it (PyCharm Pro)! & with that all these positive emotions associated with visualizing being Kenneth Love, gone, unf.

Can we make it work or should I just keep typing python <filename> <args> over and over and over and over again?

Brendan Whiting hey! Thanks for update anyways ))

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Ayman Said
Ayman Said
Python Web Development Techdegree Student 14,717 Points

Just came across, Juris Jaundzeikars, for windows we don't the shebang thing. Pycharm opens because it's the default program that handles .py files on your windows. What you can do, is simply detach Pycharm for being the default program for .py files, assuming you've the Python path in your windows environment is set, then all be running smoothly.

Hope this would help you out.