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Should I need to re-install wordpress?

I first took the wp-beginner track at team-treehouse where I installed wp locally and made a site with a theme.

Now I am learning wp-theme development track and if I activate portfolio theme then I will lost all the work I did for my first site with another theme.

Should I install wp again and set up a new admin? Please help.

Nedim Becirovic
Nedim Becirovic
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Since you are beginner -> if you care for your data (post, menus, pages,...) then make new install. If those are not important to you then you can use the same one. Your theme files won't be changed.

If you are up for challenge you can try and set up MultiSite with WordPress, or play around with wp-config.php. You can add new table_prefix for your new project and it won't affect data for the old one, but you will have to change it back if you switch to old theme.

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