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Simple Benchmarker code wrong

Hi, I'm following along with the video and trying to run my code (below) but it returns an error saying "undefined local variable or method benchmarker". I double checked the video but I'm pretty sure I have exactly what Jason does. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks.

class SimpleBenchmarker
 def run(description, &block)
    start_time = 
    end_time =
    elapsed = end_time - start_time
    puts "\n"
    puts "#{description} results"
    puts "Elapsed time: #{elapsed} seconds"

benchmarker = "Sleep a random amount of time" do
  5.times do 
    print "."

1 Answer

Hi Heather,

I just check your code example to test it which is correct. Not sure why you got error messages, can you refresh your browser again?