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Matt Fried
Matt Fried
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Slight error in .attr() getter/setter example shown

I just noticed a slight error in the (getter) and (setter) example shown at the start of the video.

The second line of code has a single quote mark at the start of the #my-image selector, and a double quote mark and the end of it shown like this -> $('#my-image").

Just a heads up to anyone taking notes throughout the course that those should both be a matching type of quotation mark shown like this -> $('#my-image') -or- $("#my-image").

Great course by the way :).

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Good eye! :eyes: And now that I looked again, I notice on the first line the quotes don't match either because they are word processor type "curly quotes".

In addition to warning the students, you might want to make a bug report to the staff as described on the Support page.