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So a user can currently put anything in the confirm purchase except N or n. How to change?

Currently when confirming as long as the user does not put N/n in as input, the program confirms the order.

How would I and where would I add code that says it needs to be Y/y/YES/yes. or even something like if not Yes or no related it makes the user try again?

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I'm not seeing the same thing you are. In the video's workspace the confirmation checks for "y" or "Y" (by converting the variable storing the input to lowercase) on line 23:

if should_proceed.lower() == "y":

If you also wanted to include various combinations of case for "yes" you could add

if should_proceed.lower() == "y" or should_proceed.lower() == "yes":

Can you provide a link/time for the video showing the code checking for N/n?