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General Discussion

Daniel Stockham
Daniel Stockham
10,277 Points

So I have to start all over to the CSS lessons?

I had to update the front end development track however, I was forced to go back to the CSS tutorials. Noooo! I just learned about CSS and I was busy with javascript!

Is there anyway I could revert back to the original track?

2 Answers

Yeah, just click the switch button under the track you want to switch to on the tracks page (https://teamtreehouse.com/tracks)

Daniel Stockham
Daniel Stockham
10,277 Points

I'm already on the Front End Development track, why would I want to swtich? What happen was, I finished the CSS course and was on Javascript Foundations but because of the update, I have to retake the CSS course again.

That really blunts my progress.

Ohhhhhh. I have the same problem. They replaced CSS foundations with CSS Basics and CSS Selectors and now I lose my work :( I sent an email to support and they said that I would have to take CSS again.

I have the same problem. I'm four months into my Treehouse studies; I've completed HTML, CSS, Intro to Programming, and I was well into JavaScript. When I was given the option to update to the new CSS and JavaScript sections, I chose to do so. I read everything carefully, but I still did not realize that all of the progress I had made before (except HTML) would be erased, and I would have to start over with CSS from the beginning, as if I had just completed HTML!

I did see the warning that "current progress may be subject to change depending on the types of updates made to your Track." However, for some reason I thought this meant I might have to watch a few of the CSS, Programming, and JavaScript lessons again, and/or complete a few quizzes over again. I thought that review would be good for me, so I chose to update. I thought this would be added on to the progress I'd already made. I didn't think it meant that almost ALL my previous progress would simply disappear, as if I'd never done it.

I wrote to support and suggested that they word that warning a little more strongly - something like "Consider this carefully, as there is a possibility that you may have to entirely re-do some of your previously completed courses over from the beginning!"

If I have to start over from the beginning of CSS again - and based on what 64yes wrote above, it sounds like I am - then my Track completion is going to be significantly delayed, which saddens me greatly because I've invested a lot of time in this. But if I have no choice now but to start over, I suppose I'll console myself by reminding myself that once I've finished the coursework for the SECOND time, I'll know the material much better, and therefore be that much more prepared for a web dev job.

Daniel Stockham
Daniel Stockham
10,277 Points

That is what I basically did. I just reminded myself it was review to be sure I remember past materials. I ended up completed the CSS course within one day. And now I am doing the javascript course and I blowing through it.

Thanks for your reply, Daniel - it's encouraging to hear that you were able to get back up to speed so quickly. Hopefully it will be the same in my case.

At least the points and achievement badges I accumulated weren't erased. When I heard back from support (and they were very prompt in replying), they mentioned that students are never required to go back and re-do material that has already been completed. Nonetheless, that is the de facto result of this error. I wish they had the capability to restore students' previous progress on a track in cases where they make a mistake like this. I asked them to consider making that change, if it is possible to do so, so that other students don't wind up in this disheartening situation.

They also reminded me that students can always skip ahead to new material by accessing it through the Treehouse library, rather than choosing to update their Track.

In any case, thanks for making this post - it's helpful to know that I wasn't the only student who made this error. I'm off to tackle my do-over of CSS now, and hopefully I'll be able to blow through it as well. Best of luck to you!