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[SOLVED]When i try to find to type key_name it says it dont exists.

Hi, When we try assign the key_name i get an error which says it dont exists but i declare this variable in the string.xml file.. : String key = resources.getString(R.string.key_name)

this is the picture of the mainActivity:

strings.xml file:

I dont understand why i cant get a refernce of it, when i type R.string if i type dot i get the refernce of app_name...

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SOLVED: I just need to restart android stuido and it worked, its strange.

Lauren Moineau
Lauren Moineau
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Hi noob developer. I'm glad you sorted it out. The scary red R is quite common I'm afraid. There are a few solutions (after making sure the problem is not in your resource file):

  • Build > Rebuild Project
  • File > Sync Project with Gradle
  • File > Invalidate Caches / Restart
  • Restart (as you did)

Hope that helps :)