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Cornelius Hager
Cornelius Hager
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Solving the challenge with 3 lines of CSS

I know, a little bit besides the point of the challenge. But very effective and efficient:

.list ul li:first-child button.up, .list ul li:last-child button.down{
    display: none;

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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I like this a bit better since it doesn't disturb the layout as much:

.list li:first-child button.up, .list li:last-child button.down {
    visibility: hidden;

And notice that "ul" isn't needed in the selector (it's implied by "li")

But this is kind of "cheating", since this course was all about DOM manipulation with JavaScript. So another technique that I like even better (and not possible with CSS) is to disable the unusable buttons but leave them visible.

document.querySelector(".list li:first-child button.up").disabled = true;
document.querySelector(".list li:last-child button.down").disabled = true;