Databases SQL Basics Getting Data from a Database Categorizing Your Output with 'AS'

Salem Osi
Salem Osi
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SQL basics help/Categorizing with AS

"We're now back with the smartphone database. In the phone_book we have the columns id, first_name, last_name and phone. Alias the first and last names and phone as "First Name", "Last Name" and "Phone Number". "

I put: SELECT first_name AS "First Name" last_name AS "Last Name" phone AS "Phone Number" FROM phone_book;

Don't know where I went wrong, please help (ノ ಠ - ಠ)ノ

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Balazs Pukli
Balazs Pukli
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You are missing two commas. You've already passed similar challenges before that, so it's just a typo, most likely. Keep coding!

SELECT first_name AS "First Name", last_name AS "Last Name", phone AS "Phone Number" FROM phone_book;