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SQL Reporting ecommerce challenge; concatenate


Having issues with syntax here and the spacing I believe.

The challenge is

  • In an ecommerce database there's a addresses table. There is an id, nickname, street, city, state, zip, country and user_id columns.
  • Concatenate the street, city, state, zip and country in the following format. Street, City, State Zip. Country e.g. 34 NE 12 st, Portland, OR 97129. USA
  • Alias the concatenated string as address

Answer: I've come up with the following. There's a space after the commas, minutes the . for the zip but I added another space inbetween it and Country. Thoughts?

select Street || ", " || City || ", " || State || " " || Zip || "." || " " || Country || as address from addresses;

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You have an extra concatenation operator after "Country".

Optionally, you could combine the period and space into one string as you did with the comma/space strings.