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maya sophie
maya sophie
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sticky footer still staying right after main content and not at the bottom of page !

https://w.trhou.se/ve2kn6pr7d..... I followed all step like in the video but it doesn't produce the result teacher gets in the video: footer to stick at the bottom pf the page...any help? thx

PS. I found the mistake...a space between some values!!!... min-height: calc(100vh - 95px) instead min-height: calc(100vh -95px).............uau!

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Samantha Atkinson
Samantha Atkinson
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Hi Maya,

You have not added a space between the minus sign and 95.2px. You have typed calc(100 -95.2) Which makes it look like you have type an integer number (100) and negative 95.2.In the video Guil has min-height: calc (100vh - 89px); .

Hope that helps.