PHP Introduction to User Authentication in PHP Setting Up Authorization Password Hashing

Ronald Greer
Ronald Greer
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still getting bummer:(

I've went over my code multiple times and can't seem to find what error I'm making, can anyone help me out?

'Bummer: If all parameters passed are valid, the function should return a hashed value of the of the $new password'


function newPasswordValid($userPassword, $currentPassword, $newPassword, $confirmNewPassword) {
    //add code her

  //perform password hashing on the data

  $verify = password_verify($currentPassword, $userPassword);

  if(!$verify) {
    return false;

  if ($newPassword != $confirmNewPassword) {
    return false;
  } else {
    return true;

  $hashed = password_hash($newPassword, PASSWORD_DEFAULT);
  return $hashed;

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Chancice Branscombe
Chancice Branscombe
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Try removing the:

else { return true; }