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Sarah A. Morrigan
Sarah A. Morrigan
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Strange code challenge error message (bug?)

okay, whatever the line I add after address_book =

returns error message "Oops! It looks like task 1 is no longer passing."

logically speaking nothing that I do subsequent to would make that line invalid.

contact =
contact.first_name = "My"
contact.last_name = "Name"
address_book =

2 Answers

Hey ! you have to append the contact variable to the "contact" array variable that is inside the address_book, you have to specify the instance of the class first, then point to the array variable named contact inside the class, by the end you append to that array the contact variable that you have up top :

address_book =
address_book.contacts<< contact


address_book =
Margeaux Spring
Margeaux Spring
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Also, you cannot add "end" or it won't pass