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Marvin Deutz
Marvin Deutz
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Stream or enhanced for loop

Wouldn't it be more efficient to use a Stream and filter for the findByName method? Was just wondering!

Liam Thornback
Liam Thornback
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I used a stream method like this:

public Gif findByName(String name) {
        //using java stream methods to find Gif
        Optional<Gif> match =
                .filter(item -> item.getName().equals(name))

        //if match is found return it, else return null
        return match.isPresent() ? match.get() : null;

I think my code looks a little cleaner and is easier to follow (if you understand streams and a little functional programming).

For most, I would guess his method was probably easier to follow.

Also Intelij is complaining that my conditional can be rewritten in functional style, even though it already is in functional style....