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STRFTIME Question Issue

I am having issues answering the question immediately following the video introducing the STRFTIME function in the SQL Reporting Course. I believe I am answering the question correctly with my code below, but I am receiving a message that my code is incorrect when I submit my answer. Can somebody please advise which piece of my attached code is incorrect for this question?

Question: In a movies database we have a movies table. It has the columns of id, title, date_released and genre. Write a query that returns the title first and the month and year it was released alias as month_year_released. Dates should look like "04/1983" for April 1983.

My (Incorrect) Answer: SELECT title, STRFTIME("%m/%y", date_released) AS month_year_released FROM movies;

Can you post your code?

Sorry about that, Kris. I just added the question and my code to the original post above.

1 Answer

The Y in the year format should be uppercase for a 4 digit year. Everything else looks good.

Thanks, Kris. That fixed the issue. Much appreciated.