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Chukwunonso Emmanuel
Chukwunonso Emmanuel
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string concatenation c#

using System;

class Program
 static string Eat(string apples, string blueberries)

    // YOUR CODE HERE: Define an Eat method!

    static void Main(string[] args)
        Console.WriteLine("i think {Eat} are tasty");
        Console.WriteLine(Eat("carrots", "daikon"));


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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Here's some hints:

  • your task is to create the "Eat" method, don't change "Main"!
  • the method body must be enclosed in braces {}
  • the method should build (and return) a string that contains both arguments
  • a template string must start with a "$" character
  • the template tokens must contain the parameter names
  • the output string must start with "I" (capital "I")
  • the output string must end with "!" (exclamation point)