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jedd marras
jedd marras
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String Question

I can't seem to answer this question correctly

OK, now use .format() on the string "Treehouse loves {}" to put your name into the placeholder. Assign this to the variable subject (so start with subject =).

You do not need to print() anything.
name = "Deja vu, huh?"
subject = "Treehouse Loves {}"

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Jonathan Grieve
Jonathan Grieve
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You missed out the format method.

You've got the string you need and the curly braces to make your placeholder. Now it just needs something to go in there.

You need to chain the format method to the end of the string and pass in your name variable, so that your name will go in there.

Gabri Chodosh
Gabri Chodosh
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For example

x = "Hi, my name is {}".format(bob)

print x

Hi, my name is bob