HTML HTML Basics Structuring Your Content Sectioning Content with <article>, <nav> and <aside>

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The last question in the quiz coming after the course video, Sectioning Content with <article>, <nav> and <aside> is about placing the content between header and footer with the element that represents standalone ...

With this question I was confused between section and article. The content given in the question doesn't consist of any kind of article and I could use section tag but the explanation about the element used in the question says standalone..this is about article tag.

The answer of the question is section anyway but I think the question explaining wrong about section tag.

What is right?

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Shay Paustovsky
Shay Paustovsky
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Hi Hanna,

The <section> & <article> semantic elements are pretty confusing in the beginning and I remember how I struggled in the beginning.

Never the less :

section - represents a standalone section of content, a thematic break in your page, or simply as describes a section in your page.

article - is a bit different, think of an article inside a newspaper : you don't need to have some background story to understand it, you simply read it and understand. That is what article does, it describes a self-contained piece of content inside your web page/site that can be understood even without reading the main-topic of your web page/site.

Hope this helps

:: Shay ::