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Kristina Macias
Kristina Macias
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Study Group

I am beginning the front end web development courses. Is anyone interested in forming a study group? I think like-minded people could help keep each other motivated.

A little background about me. I'm from Long Beach, CA. I did my undergrad in Geography with my minor in Environmental Science & Policy. That lead me to start a career in GIS, but after a few years, I realized that it wasn't for me.

I am here to start a new career path. I believe that coding better suits my interest and eagerness to constantly learn new things.

Reply if you're interested in starting a study group!

Hey Kristina!

Sign me up. Maybe we could form a study group on Discord? Please let me know. Thanks! By the way I am from Fullerton, CA. I spend my weekends in Long Beach to hangout with my cousin and a few friends. :)

Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson
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I think study groups are helpful!

I'm from Iowa and also switched to coding. Maybe once we're at the Code Louisville we can get a group of like-minded people together!