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Sublime Not Saving Work(?)

Hello there, everyone!

Not sure whats going on. I've made to the Styling Content section an I've gotten stuck right after the Fonts an Colors videos. After putting the color hexadecimal code for the the site an trying to save it, nothing happens. It says it saves, but wont come up in the site. I also try to change some of the text on the site an nothing changes anymore.

I did received a pop up message from Sublime stating that my version is not registered. Could this be the issue?

1 Answer

Matthew S
Matthew S
Courses Plus Student 6,513 Points

It doesn't matter if Sublime isn't registered or not.

Sublime has a major pitfall that Coda II doesn't have, and that is it's ability to catch that you saved the file and want to update the directory. What happens sometimes is if you move folders around without telling Sublime, it won't update the position of the; for example style.css, or layer.as file. So it's just casting a ghost shell of the file you're working with.

It sounds like your problem is that Sublime is just saving the file into a "blank" area because the directory of where you want to save your file got unhooked. Just make sure everything is hooked up and is pointed into the right directory on your computer.

For example: user/yourname/MAMP/htdocs, git/web etc. Make sure you didn't accidentally command + n a file and then didn't save it in the directory where you're testing.

Thanks, Monstr. Sorry for the late response I was trying to make it work before I responded.

You were right. Seemed like I did unhook the file. I have the main text file to change text on the main page now. However, I still cant get the css colors to work. On the text editor I have 4 tabs open side by side. 1 is the html file and 3 others are the styling, grid and normalize css files. The styling is the one giving me trouble. I cant save it an update the websites font color.

Matthew S
Matthew S
Courses Plus Student 6,513 Points

The best advice is to select all the code, copy it, and then delete the file. Create a new file and paste the code in and save it with a new name. But if that doesn't work check your HTML code and make sure the link rel to the stylesheet is hooked up properly. Hope that helps :p

I hear ya' lol... I think I'm going to do that. Do you recommend using Sublime or should I try out what you've mentioned, Coda II?

Thanks again!

Matthew S
Matthew S
Courses Plus Student 6,513 Points

The tools you use don't really matter all that much, it's the product that you make that matters. Nobody is going to care what tool you used. As long as the tool helps you get the job done then that's all that matters.

The major drawback with Sublime Text 3 is it's a barebones text editor. It doesn't do a lot. Which is good and bad at the same time. On one hand it's great because you can solely focus on writing. While at the same time you have to jump through some hoops that other editors provide.

For instance, Coda II has a built in FTP, SFTP, and Amazon S3 client, along with many mySQL features. The problem with Coda is it's more graphical and costs more than Sublime. Sublime is free and also has a paid version. Coda II isn't free nor does it come with a trial version. It's also only for the Mac.

In the end, it's really up to what you need. Sublime has more syntax features, while Coda has more web friendly features readily available at your disposal. If you're going to be mostly working in web technologies then I highly recommend taking a look at Coda. Sublime is great if you want to get away from X-Code, or Adobe Flashs's ugly editor and write Actionscript 3, objC, C, without all the distractions that come with ide's that are way too cluttered (Visual, XCode, Flash Builder, Eclipse, Aptana).

I understand, thank you. I'm just trying to knock out all of the work in all of the courses an find my niche. I have great ideas for sites an applications but I don't know which one I should challenge myself with first. Once I find 'it', then I'll move on from there... Thanks again. Have a good one!