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Suggestion about Treehouse Library Access..

I'm about an hour from finishing the Android track, and I have to say it has been MUCH more than I ever expected. It was great! However, I have a suggestion about those that take a track from start to finish. Why not allow people who complete the ENTIRE track to have free access to the library section of the track he or she completed? If someone wants to do all the tracks with immediate unfettered access, the $50 is a bargain. However, why not reward committed learners who finish a track by allowing all access to ONLY those tracks they complete? Just a suggestion..

6 Answers

Personally.. I would argue that there's nothing for those of us that have paid for the full course and don't get it for free.. I have paid for a years subscription pro just to get those additional features. They still need to cater to their paying customers. I doubt that I'll continue to pay after this year is up, unless they find a way to give us paying customers features they aren't giving away for free.

I've only done and basically completed the Android track on Treehouse, and I can only speak for that track. There is a limited amount of advanced level library stuff in that track, perhaps unlike the other tracks here. My suggestion is based on the fact that someone is still paying for basic membership to access the other material. If I paid for the PRO membership, I would expect all access to all the material in all of the courses right off the bat. When you do that, you have the ability to pick and choose from anything here. If someone puts 60+ hours in completing the entire course, why not give them access to the materials for that specific course, or at least access to x amounts of library projects of his or her choosing. If someone cancels membership, I don't see any reason why they should access any material. Either way, people are still paying to be members here instead of exploring further material elsewhere. As far as I know, there is nothing "free" on this site?

Sorry, misunderstood. You can view 90% of the site free at some public libraries. The pro stuff labeled in the library are the only things that cost extra as far I know..

I didn't know that about the public libraries having free access to this site. Not sure how I feel about that one after paying for the basic membership for a few months.. The library I was talking about was the actual Treehouse library.

Ricky Catron
Ricky Catron
13,023 Points

This has been debated before here.


Hope those answers help a little too.

My suggestion wasn't about retaking coursework that's already completed or having free access for life to completed courses as discussed in the linked thread. If I want to review the material, I'll look at the comments in my code. If you let your membership lapse you're accepting the fact that what you did here is water under the bridge and you'd have to start from square one again. I see that, and I don't have a problem with it. That isn't the gist of what I suggested, so my suggestion hasn't been debated before. I'm referring to the Treehouse LIBRARY for one specific part of the library being made available to those who take the track to total completion.

I'm using the Android track as an example because it's all I've taken so far. The Android track has one intermediate or advanced library module to it that isn't available in the actual track itself. Why not allow access to this or subsequent advanced library projects to those who A)pay for PRO and have access to everything anyway, which is already the case or B) those very few of us who have completed the entire Android track from start to finish AND still have an active, paying membership. The fact is, and this is more true with the Android and probably IOS stuff, that the advanced material in the library is worthless without doing the basics first.