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Sweet, we have a function! In this task, all you have to do is call the function and pass in a value of 24.0 degrees. As

am close i just need a little help

// Enter your code below
func temperatureInFahrenheit(temperature:Double) -> Double {
    let temperature = temperature * 9 / 5 + 32
    return temperature

let fahrenheitTemp = (temperature: 24.0)

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You are indeed extremely close. Everything except for the call to the function is setup correctly. When you call a function you have to specify what argument to send it (which you have done) but you also first have to specify what function you are actually calling, by providing the name of the function.

So if I wanted to call a function called example and send it a string that contained Hello World! for a parameter named message it would look like this:

example(message: "Hello World!")

Looking at that example you should be able to fill in the code that is missing from your solution.

thanks @andren

hey andren can you help me with another challenge