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Aled Evans
Aled Evans
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Swift 5 Update

Hi there,

Do you have any plans on updating these videos? I don't see the point in watching all of this, learning an outdated language version using outdated software?

Swift 5 has been out for a while now and you've not released any video including these updates?

Many thanks

2 Answers

Hello Aled,

While I am just a moderator here and have no power to know when or if any new content is coming out soon, I can tell you that looking at what is currently available is not something you should avoid. Even with Swift 5 being released, you still have the same syntax of the language. Yes, there might be new things, but those things are just a fraction of the whole language itself. I do encourage you to learn them, and slowly work your way up. Cheers.

Scott Lougheed
Scott Lougheed
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Also, for a lot of changes between Swift versions, the compiler will actually tell you and offer to fix if you are using old syntax or a deprecated class. I've only encounter a very small number of instances where the compiler didn't catch something, but finding a solution on my own was easy (Google usually led me to the fix). While ideally the learning materials here are up to date (I'm not putting money on updates any time soon unfortunately...), being able to resolve a syntax issue is itself an important skill.