iOS Build a Simple iPhone App with Swift Getting Started with iOS Development Swift Recap Part 1

swift recap

For this task, add an Name the method description. It takes no parameters and returns a string that describes the post instance. For example given a title: "iOS Development", author: "Apple", and a tag named "swift", the description would read as follows"

"iOSDevelopment by Apple. Filed under swift"

Once you have an instance method, call it on the firstPost instance and assign the result to a constant named postDescription

struct Tag {
  let name: String
struct Post {
  let title: String
  let author: String
  let tag: Tag

  func description () -> String {
    return "\(title) by \(author). filed under \("
let firstPost = Post (title: "Hello", author: "Passan", tag: Tag (name: "Me"))
let postDescription = firstPost.description ()

1 Answer

The F in Filed under should be uppercase.

Thank you