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Switching to an IDE

I am looking to start learning how to use an IDE. I have downloaded anaconda already but I am very confused. I have a few questions about anaconda that I would like an answer to. First, are there any courses on treehouse about anaconda, to ease the transition from treehouse to anaconda? Second, what are all the notebooks on there for, and which one should I use? Lastly, I really liked PEP8 and would like to run my code with it but on the jupyter notebook, I wasn't able to run code by writing flake8, because to run the code there was just a play button. So how do I run flake8 in an IDE?

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Rob Allessi
Rob Allessi
Treehouse Staff

Hi Aizah Sadiq, we do indeed have a few videos on Anaconda. While they aren't for the most recent build, they should still prove helpful in understanding the basics.