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Python Python Basics (2015) Letter Game App Letter Game Refinement

Jake Wright
Jake Wright
Courses Plus Student 991 Points

Syntax Error

line 72 syntax error?

if guess in secret_word:

import os
import random 
import sys

# make a list of words
words = [

def clear():
  if os.name =='int':

def draw(bad_guesses, good_guesses, secret_word):

    print('strikes: {}/7'.format(len(bad_guesses)))

    for letter in bad_guesses:
        print(letter, end=' ')

    for letter in secret_word:
        if letter in good_guesses:
            print(letter, end='')
            print ('_', end='')


def get_guess(bad_guesses, good_guesses):
    while True:
      guess = input("guess a letter: ").lower()

      if len(guess) != 1:
          print("you can only guess a single letter:!")
      elif guess in bad_guesses or guess in good_guesses:
          print("you've already guess that letter!")
      elif not guess.isalpha():
          print("you can only guess letters!")
          return guess

def play(done):
    secret_word = random.choice(words)
    bad_guesses = []
    good_guesses = []

    while True:
        draw(bad_guesses, good_guesses, secret_word)
        guess = get_guess(bad_guess(bad_guesses, good_guesses)

        if guess in secret_word:
            found = True
            for letter in secret_word:
                if letter not in good_guesses:
                    found = False
            if found:
                print("You win!")
                print("The secret word was {}".format(secret_word))
            if len(bad_guesses) == 7:
                draw(bad_guesses, good_guesses, secret_word))
                print("You lost!")
                print("the secret word was{}".format(secret_word))
                done = True

        if done:
            play_again = input("Play again? Y/n").lower()
            if play_again !+ 'n':
                return play(done=False)

print('Welcome to letter Guess!')

done = False

while True:

2 Answers

Nick B
Nick B
964 Points

The other answer is incorrect in the context of this script.

guess = get_guess(bad_guess(bad_guesses, good_guesses)

There is no function called bad_guess, so that line should look like this:

guess = get_guess(bad_guesses, good_guesses)
Michael Hulet
Michael Hulet
47,912 Points

You have a syntax error, but it's not on line 72. It's actually in the statement before. You simply forgot a closing paren to end the function call above the if. You currently have this:

get_guess(bad_guess(bad_guesses, good_guesses)

but it should be this:

get_guess(bad_guess(bad_guesses, good_guesses)) #Notice the 2nd closing paren to correspond to the first opening one

The reason Python said it's on line 72 is because Python can only tell you about the place it first detected a syntax error. Sometimes it can detect one right where there's an error, but it's not always like that. In this case, it didn't see a 2nd closing paren before the if statement started, and so it new at that point that there must've been a syntax error sometime before. Decoding things like that is more of a form of art than a science, and you'll get a lot better at it as you write more code

Jake Wright
Jake Wright
Courses Plus Student 991 Points

Thank you so much Micheal, that really helps.