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SyntaxError: Unexpected token N in JSON at position 0 - Please help

My code:

// Problem: We need a simple way to look at a user's badge count and JavaScript points
// Solution: Use Node.js to connect to Treehouse's API to get profile information to print out

const https = require('https');

function printMessage(username, badgeCount, point){
  const message = `${username} has ${badgeCount} total badge(s) and ${point} points in javascript`;

function getProfile(username){             
  // Connect to the API URL (
  const request = https.get('${username}.json', response => {
    let body = "";
    // Read the data
    response.on('data', data => {
      body += data.toString();

    response.on('end', () =>{
      // Parse the data
      const profile = JSON.parse(body);
      // Print the data
      printMessage(username, profile.badges.length, profile.points.JavaScript);


what have i done wrong here? Thanks in advance :)

3 Answers

Inside your getProfile function, you are using Template String but with single quotes '${username}.json' in order to make the Template Strings work replace the single quotes with backtick,

Daniel Paez
Daniel Paez
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Also, if anyone else is still running into this issue after evaluating the code it could be the username you are passing into the function. A non-existent one will give you the same error.

Jasmine Martin
Jasmine Martin
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oh wow. That was golden thanks! I was using chalker instead of chalkers :(

Many thanks for your time and input :)