C# C# Basics (Retired) Console I/O Variables

Robin Gill
Robin Gill
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System.Console.Write("Favourite Book Ttile"); string booktitle

Please help

System.Console.Write("Favourite Book Ttile");
string booktitle

2 Answers

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You won't need to call any functions for this challenge. You just create a variable and initialze it with a string.

But notice that instead of "booktitle", the instructions ask for "bookTitle" (capital "T").

And as a general hint: for best results with all the challenges, follow the instructions carefully and don't do anything extra that they don't ask for.

Francis Lamy
Francis Lamy
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What Steven is saying is 100% correct! The function he refers to is your "Console.Write()"... Next, in every "Code Challenge", your capitals are to be placed at the right place, or else it'll show you an error (not a console error, just an error saying you didn't follow the instructions (even if the code is correct))... And finally, just simply type in your favourite book (it can be anything, a great book like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six or Eat, Pray, Love), it can actually be any, the book isn't the important part, it can be any string (a sequence of CHARACTERS).

Hint: it can all be done in one line, just add an equals + your string... And don't forget your semi-colons (;)... Good luck!