Python Python Basics (2015) Python Data Types Use .split() and .join()

Jeffrey Folger
Jeffrey Folger
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Task 1 no longer passing although it is identical to code written in Task 1

Am I tripping or does something incorrect in my Task 2 code make Task 1 no longer pass. I haven't altered Task 1 code in any way. It was autocopied like in previous Challenges, when I return to Task 1 it passes without editing code.
available = "banana split;hot fudge;cherry;malted;black and white"
sundaes = available.split(";")
menu = "Our available flavors are: {}."."

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Anytime you introduce a syntax error that invalidates the entire code and causes the re-testing of previous tasks to fail.

In this case, the issue is an odd number of quote marks on the last line. Quotes must always be balanced (in pairs).