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task 2 of using input

can someone help me here im stuck since last week
favorite_color = input("brown is my favorite color")
color = "Brown"
favorite_color = print("The color is a great color")

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Here's a few hints:

  • you only need the variable "favorite_color", you won't need "color"
  • the "print" statement should stand alone and not be part of an assignment
  • you'll need to use "favorite_color" as part of the argument to the "print" statement

You can give a "print" more than one argument to combine literal strings and variables. For example, if you had a variable named "food" that contained the word "burger", you could do something like this:

print("I sure am hungry. A", food, "would taste good right now.")

The output would look like:

I sure am hungry. A burger would taste good right now.

I'll bet you can get it now.

thanx a lot let me give it a try then