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General Discussion

Rob Edgar
Rob Edgar
8,325 Points

TechDegree TreeHouse Program Need More Info!

Hi, Rob here. I recently saw the TechDegree come up on my emails and before I couldn't afford(sadly). Now I have a new job making a lot more money and would like to join but I want more information on it before I dive into making the decision of spending $400+ a month. I really wont join TechDegree until end of summer when life slows down a bit. But would like more info on this because I do want to join and become a Front-End Developer or something else. Just looking for more information regarding this program.

Please and Thank You.

Rob Allessi
Rob Allessi
8,600 Points

Hey Rob!

Please take a look at my comment below to Sue. I hope this addresses some questions and/or concerns. If you have any others, let me know and I'll be happy to assist!

2 Answers

Sue Dough
Sue Dough
35,800 Points

Well I never even heard of this till now. Heres some info I found https://teamtreehouse.com/get-a-techdegree .

My thoughts:

If im not mistaken it says that the minimum time required is 6 months. So it cost $2,400 to $3,600.

"The courses used in the Techdegree are the same as in our standard Treehouse product. However, the Techdegree includes instructional steps, and short videos not shared with other Treehouse students. In addition, the 12 projects "

So based on that above quote the amount of extra knowledge you may acquire seems microscopic.

The only benefits I see are some code reviews which you can do every 2 weeks. So that will be 12 max with an average cost of $200-$300 a review.

Some free alternatives would be open sourcing your work to get feedback, using code review from stack overflow, and asking programmers you know.

If you get a good job that pays a high salary then these cost become very minimal. At the same time most people who get these jobs don't have a TreeHouse Tech Degree. I bet most companies have never heard of Treehouse yet. If your a newer programmer and haven't had a tech job this seems like a very risky play.

One thing I am very curious about and it may be too early for answers is the graduation rate for people who pay. Will Treehouse pass a bad coder because they paid a few grand? My guess is they probably will because I doubt they want to refund 2-4 grand. So then this degree is not worth much. If the graduation rate was a small % then it would mean something however it would also be very risky to people paying. People who are paying want the paper cert obviously.

Does this get you a tech job guaranteed? Does it change your life? Well that’s what it sounds like. I would like to see concrete examples. I am curious if the two girls mentioned on the landing page work for tech companies doing programming now? Which companies and how much is there salary? I think this is important to mention and talk about it. I have seen a few misleading testimonials and blogs over time on Treehouse so I have became sceptical.

I personally would advise against this for newer coders and people getting their feet wet. I would recommend it if you think the ROI will be worth it and this is a needed step for you to take to get there. It may not be needed and hasn't been for the past few decades.

Hope that helps. Sorry to play devils advocate but someone has to :P

Rob Allessi
Rob Allessi
8,600 Points

Hi Sue!

Thanks so much for asking the hard hitting questions. Don't apologize, your questions are valid concerns! I’d like to start by putting an emphasis on the fact that Treehouse can't and will not pass individuals who haven't earned it. In order to progress through the Techdegree, students must meet or exceed expectations on each and every project. If someone gets to a point in which they aren’t passing and decide to stop, then that is completely their choice, but we will not pass anyone who hasn’t earned it.

We take great pride in the material and education we’ve provided to our students and have no plans to compromise that. By passing students who haven’t earned it would completely undermine the point and value of a Techdegree. By earning a Techdegree, you are certified by Treehouse that you have completed the program, and have learned the technical foundation in your chosen topic. In addition the portfolio of 12 projects you build, and the results of your proctored final exam are validation you can share with potential employers. Like many educational establishments, we believe the skills and attitude a student gains will ultimately secure them a job, not the degree itself. This is why we focus on providing students with high-quality curricula that set them up for success. While some online schools advertise their job guarantees, what they don’t mention is that these roles are often at predetermined companies in specific locations.

One last thing I'd like to add is that Treehouse is already valued by employers such as Buzzfeed, Home Depot, Kaplan, Mailchimp, NASA, and PwC who have used Treehouse products to give their employees new tech skills. We are continuing conversations with a wide variety of businesses and hope to have 1k businesses using Techdegree by the end of 2016.

I hope this information gives you a better idea on what the Techdegree is and what to expect from both it and Treehouse. Stay tuned for some more news on our Techdegree in the coming week. In the meantime, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send us an email at help@teamtreehouse.com.

Sue Dough
Sue Dough
35,800 Points

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the explanation and taking the time to write that all out.

"Treehouse can't and will not pass individuals who haven't earned it." <<< That is great. Please continue to follow this and it will stick out a lot more in my opinion. Maybe eventually once the program matures put some %'s to add some transparency if possible on the pass rate. If its 99% then well ummm not cool. But if its a fair balance then I think it will shine a lot more for students who do pass. If everyone passes then those companies you mentioned will notice rather quickly now that I think about that.

I am glad Treehouse is being proactive in developing some relationships with companies.

I will keep an eye out on things and see how they mature over time.


Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Teacher

I have also checked into the Techdegree program. I'm with Sue Dough on this one. I'm going to need more concrete proof that there's going to be a return on my investment and that the cert that you get will actually mean something. Keep in mind that you can get certs from say Microsoft in programming that don't require nearly as much investment. And you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn't know who Microsoft is.

I'm not a Pro student. And I'm on the very basic plan here. I take advantage of every resource on here that I can get my hands on.

I'm also of the opinion that simply being able to put out a nice site, decent app, or any piece of coding that shows off your skills to a prospective employer would likely go way further than any piece of paper. But that's just my opinion.

Sue Dough
Sue Dough
35,800 Points

"I'm also of the opinion that simply being able to put out a nice site, decent app, or any piece of coding that shows off your skills to a prospective employer would likely go way further than any piece of paper."

You just Hit the nail on the head.