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Test: Changing the Look of a Web Page 2 Objectives

I'm not able to do the test from the last section. Now, I have an 80% in that section. Please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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I'm not sure what you mean by "80% in that section", particularly in reference to a 2-task challenge. But please show your code if you'd like advice on it.

If you're asking about something in a workspace, make a snapshot of your workspace and post the link to it here.

I wasn't able to do the test with the objectives, but since then the problem has been resolved. Thanks.

2 Answers

Noah Tetley
Noah Tetley
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Hey Julia I assume you're referring to the following questions, in which case the answers are very straight forward and will help you to grasp the basics:

Change the HTML paragraph tag to an h1 tag.

1: a paragraph tag is display as <p></p> just change this to h1 i.e.

<h1></h1> instead of <p></p>

2: Change the color of the h1 tag to purple.

first thing is to select the styles.css page along the top (you're in the HTML page) then just change the colour name to purple!

good luck

Thanks everyone for your help. I trying to get the hang of this class.