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Test my app on my iPhone - error - could not locate device support files.


when trying to test the app on my own iPhone i have an error which is explicit :

Could not locate device support files. 
This iPhone 7 (Model 1660, 1778, 1779, 1780) is running iOS 10.3 (14E277), which may not be supported by this version of Xcode.

But i've got no xCode update available in the mac app store. How can i solve the problem to avoid this error?

Thanks a lot, Theo

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Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos
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Did you:

a) Close and open XCode? b) Clean and Build the project again?

Let me know if you still have this problem. It happened to me long ago too.

I have an iPhone 7 plus(iOS 11.4.1). I'm working off a MacBook Pro that runs High Sierra OS. I was able to update Xcode to version 10. After updated the app code from Xcode 8.3.3 to Xcode 10, I had to have a sign certificate and a personal account to build the app. Also my iPhone had to trust the app under Device Management from the Settings-General.