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Christopher Lebbano
Christopher Lebbano
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Test spec, not sure why this isn't working

Not too sure why this isn't passing. Any ideas?

var expect = require('chai').expect;

describe('subtraction', function () {
  var subtraction = require('../subtraction.js');
  it('only works with numbers', function () {
    var one = 'one';
    var two = 'two';
    expect(subtraction(one, two)).to.throw(Error, 'subtraction only works with numbers!');
function subtraction (number1, number2) {
  if (typeof number1 !== 'number' || typeof number2 !== 'number') {
    throw Error('subtraction only works with numbers!');
  return number1 - number2

1 Answer

Hi Christopher,

You have to pass a function reference into expect() so what you can do is wrap your subtraction function call with an anonymous function.

expect(function() {subtraction(one, two)})