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Text and elements are all at the top of the screen.

When ever I test my app on my phone all the text and buttons are at the top of the screen jumbled together, but the preview in Studio is not like that. I tried changing the screen size on Studio to match my phone's screen but that still hasn't worked. There is the studio picture and here is the one on my phone.

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Ben Jakuben
Ben Jakuben
Treehouse Teacher

Paste in your layout code from activity_main.xml and we can try to help you troubleshoot.

Osvaldo Restrepo
Osvaldo Restrepo
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Hello dude, I am a newbie. But that happened to me. What you have to do is in the Design View. When you click each element, some little dots appear on each side. You have to drag them to each side of the screen. An arrow in zigzag must appear on each side. That's the constrain.