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Thomas Buchstab
Thomas Buchstab
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The Button is outside of the cube

I have a strange problem with the cube. Everything is working properly in Firefox but if i try to show it in Chrome the Download-Button is outside of the cube. Anyone here who knows how to fix this? I've seen that somebody experienced the same problem months ago but no one was willing to help!

Might help to see the link for it.

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You might want to use vendor prefixes. I don't think css transition and tranform are fully supported in all browsers.

We could help more, if we could see your code:)

hmmm it worked for me. I copied and pasted your code on to my code editor and opened it in chrome. I have mac, so maybe it is some type of bug I don't know about. sorry I couldn't be of help.

Elizabeth Stone
Elizabeth Stone
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I was having this same issue too with Chrome. I went in and changed my Chrome settings for font size from "Large" to "Medium" (which I believe is the default setting) and that corrected the issue on my end.