Python Practice Creating and Using Functions in Python Practice Functions Use an External Function

The code in the is making use of an external function named tweet. The code here is intended to ma
This is importing a function named `tweet` from a file
    that we unfortunately don't have access to change.

You use it like so:
>>> tweet("Hello this is my tweet")

If the function cannot connect to Twitter,
    the function will raise a `CommunicationError`
If the message is too long,
    the function will raise a `MessageTooLongError`
from twitter import (

message = input("What would you like to tweet?  ")
# Your code here

def tweet(message):
    message = ("Hello this is my tweet")


1 Answer

Hey Thomas,

There's no need to redefine the tweet function. It's already defined, and being imported from elsewhere. The first step of this challenge is just asking you to call the tweet function, with the message variable being passed in as its argument.