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The code to accept input for the favorite color has been provided for you.

Err not sure why this doesn't work. I don't understand what the assertion error is complaining about? It works in VSCode
favorite_color = input("What is your favorite color?  ")
if favorite_color == "Blue":
    print("You must love the sky!")

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Ah, right. I see. Seems like it would be grammatically incorrect, though? I can see it is lower case with respect to the challenge but if this was user input then wouldn't it be good practice to assume grammatically correct input? Blue is a name and would be upper case, would it not?

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If it was accepting input from a user typically you would do something like use the lower method so that case in the answer could be ignored ex:

if favorite_color.lower() == "blue"

Then it wouldn't matter if the input was blue, Blue, BLUE