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Sarah Pellecchia
Sarah Pellecchia
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the color codes are confusing me. is there a chart or reference for this?

The color codes for CSS are giving me a headache. There must be a chart for this that I missed along the way. Thanks in advance for the help.

Bogdan Cabaj
Bogdan Cabaj
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Hi Sarah,

Color Picker - simple color picker giving you different formats accepted by CSS CSS Color Values - descriptions of what color formats you use.

Hope this helps.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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I don't think there was a chart in the course itself.

But there are plenty of web references. If you just want to see the 140 colors that have names, here's a reference for that. Or if you're confused by the hex color values, this reference may help.

You favorite search engine will give you many more references for color if these don't quite cover it for you.

its really simple, you start off with # which says: hey watch out this is a color, then you provide three values for red green and blue from a scale of 0 to 255 in hexadecimal notation(because this is shorter than decimal notation, i.e. 255 can be written as ff) thats it really. So for example pure red is: #ff0000 => ff for red which is 255, 00 for green and blue.