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the downloaded files don't open in the browser in the same way as the video

Hi! I think I've done everything the video said and when I click in the orange t-shirt it opens the address http://localhost:8888/shirts/108/ and the result is "Not Found - The requested URL /shirts/108/ was not found on this server". Additionally, when I am in the homepage and I click shirts in the navbar, it does't go directly to http://localhost:8888/shirts/shirts.php , instead it goes to a http://localhost:8888/shirts/ where is displayed the following "Index of /shirts <br> Parent Directory <br> shirt.php <br> shirts.php" I´ve downloaded the project files and it happens the same with them. I've noticed that in the video the htdocs folder has a .htacess file in it and the downloaded file doesn't. I need to fix this for being able to go forward in the course,

Thank you for your help, Francisco

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Tyler Mayfield
Tyler Mayfield
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First off, you will need to enable hidden files. Then download the project files from the last video and drag the .htaccess file from the recent download to your htdocs folder and you should be back in business!