CSS CSS Layout Basics Controlling Layout with CSS Display Modes Using Inline-Block to Set Width, Height, Top and Bottom Margin and Padding

Michael McMillan
Michael McMillan
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The inline block element for my header links are not taking the padding value set in style.css

https://w.trhou.se/6yv0ri3cbo is the worksheet snapshot. Google Chrome Developer tools shows this at the <a> link level.

.name a, .main-nav a { padding: 10 15px; /* This part is crossed out and not accepting the padding value * display: block; }

Any help is appreciated.


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Andrew Larson
Andrew Larson
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Hi Michael, The unit of measure is missing for the first padding value.

attached is how lines 63-67 should look

.name a,
.main-nav a {
  padding: 10px 15px; 
  display: block;